Furniture Donation Procedure

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Your support makes a difference for our community and to the families who purchase the homes we build.  Funds contributed to Habitat for Humanity are particularly well invested because they are never used up. They are recycled continuously into the future. As current homeowners pay their mortgages, those dollars are then used to construct future homes.


Your donation helps in three ways:

1) Money earned supports our local home building program.
2) Locals looking for furniture, appliances and building supplies are able to buy high quality items at great prices.
3) The donor receives an acknowledgment for the items to use to take as a charitable tax deduction.
Furniture and Other Donation Pickups (discontinued during Winter  – Online yard sale continues)
Habitat for Humanity is a not-for-profit entity and your contribution may qualify as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. You place the value on your donations. Our donor receipt includes our Federal Tax ID Number.
Pick up day is Saturday. Please send an e-mail as outlined below to arrange a time. Our volunteer drivers have the right to refuse an item based on condition and prospect of selling.
Due to high gas prices we are requesting a $10 fuel donation (check preferred)
Guidelines for Donations of Appliances and Furniture

Please do not take offense when we ask questions about the items you wish to donate. We need to ensure that they are in good condition and salable. We do not have a repair shop, cleaning or refinishing department. We must refuse items that are dirty, have broken parts, are disassembled, have loose or chipped paint, or mold. Items must be dry.

Please note: Due to a new EPA ruling, we are no longer able to accept dishwashers, hot water heaters, faucets or any other plumbing supplies used to carry drinking water.

Items we can NOT accept:
– Entertainment centers
– Electronics – TV (unless new flat screen), stereos, tape decks, CD players, computers, speakers, fax machines, printers, toner, computer monitors
– Large exercise equipment (e.g., Nordic Track, Stair Steppers, Treadmills, etc.)
– Fax machines
– Mattresses and box springs
– Firearms
– Baby car seats (strollers in good condition are okay)

If you wish to donate an item for our Home Furnishings Sale, please contact us at the following e-mail address and ALSO send a photo of the item to

You can participate in our Online Home Furnishings Sale


You can request a scheduled pickup of the items.

Pick up by the Habitat for Humanity volunteer drivers is done on Saturday (postponed during the Winter).

Please email you request to: or call the office at 603-356-3832 and a representative will return your call.