Women Build

Saturday May 13th, 2017


We are very excited to once again prepare for the 2017 Women’s BuildDay for the Mt. Washington Valley Habitat for Humanity.  This year the buildwill occur Saturday, May 13th at our new house site located on Lot 41, Silver Pine Lane, Sokokis Pines, Tamworth, NH.  For those women who participated in last year’s build, this lot is right around the corner from the Shangraw home.  We are so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to host this day for over eight years now!  Lowe’s has partnered with Habitat for Humanity since 2003 giving local chapters across the country a grant to help fund these builds.  Lowe’s and Habitat have helped make the dream of home ownership a reality for families in our community and we are proud to accept this sponsorship!

The key is that we could not do this without you!  Thank you for volunteering for this day in past years and for those who may be volunteering for the first time.  Mother’s Day weekend is celebrated all over the country with build days such as ours.  Not only do we have fun but mothers, daughters and grandmothers all come together to support and create what we all value…a family home.  I ask you and your friends or co-workers to join me on this build, no constructions skills or knowledge are necessary, just you!

As a volunteer you are invited to attend the Lowe’s Build Clinic on April 18th from 5:30pm-7:30 pm to be held at the North Conway store.  As a major sponsor for our build, Lowe’s hosts a “learn to” clinic which will coincide with what we will be doing on build day.  This year Lowe’s will set up stations to teach us how to frame windows, walls and doors.  New this year will be additional stations which will include insulation products that are commonly used for doors, walls and windows.

I encourage everyone to attend as you will not only learn these skills but it is also a fun team building event. 

Looking forward to another successful build!


Barbara A. Reilly, Board Member, MWV Habitat for Humanity

2016 Women Build Coordinator

2 Common Court

North Conway, NH 03860



Women Build 2016

The 2016 Women’s Build Day for the Mt. Washington Valley Habitat for Humanity occurred on Saturday, May 7, 2016.  This year the build site site was located at 253 Silver Pine Lane, Sokokis Pines, Tamworth, NH.  We have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to host this day for over 7 years now! Lowe’s has partnered with Habitat for Humanity since 2003, giving local chapters across the country a grant to help fund these builds! Lowe’s and Habitat have helped make the dream of home ownership a reality for families in our community and we are proud to accept this sponsorship!

The key is that we couldn’t do this without you!  Many thanks go out to the 38 women who volunteered for this day, for many of whom it was their first time. Mother’s Day weekend is celebrated all over the country with build days such as ours.  Not only do we have fun but mothers, daughters and grandmothers all come together to support and create what we all value…a family home. No construction skills or knowledge were necessary,

As in past year’s Lowe’s in North Conway sponsored a build clinic.  This year’s clinic occurred Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 5:00 pm.  There were three stations set up which taught participants how to frame walls, windows and doors.   It was a fun evening with some simple safety and building skills learned by all!!




Women Build 2015 

In 2015 , there were eight-year veterans, first-timers, high school and college students, mothers and daughters, and elected officials who gathered at Grison Road in Madison on Saturday, May 9th as part of the nation-wide Habitat for Humanity Women Build Week.

Sponsored by Lowe’s, 35 women swung hammers, drilled holes, cut lumber, carried building stock, assembled window and door headers and framed walls under the tutelage MWV Habitat volunteers.

When asked if this was the first time she had participated, Donna Veilleux of Tamworth replied, “No, I’ve been doing this for eight years!” “What is your motivation” she was further asked. “It’s selfish” she replied with a smile, “after all, getting is in the giving!”

Julie Levine and her daughter, Dana of Glen were one of four mother-daughter teams who participated. When asked why they were here, Julie replied, “what better way is there for mother and daughter to spend Mother’s Day Weekend than to help another mom less fortunate?”

Bob Magoun, MWV HfH past president and chairman of the Family Selection Committee started the day by welcoming all, briefing participants on the history of Women Build, what was going to happen throughout the day, and stressing most important that safety was first and foremost. The women were then broken into several groups; cutting studs to specific lengths, drilling wirerun holes, assembling door and window headers, and assembling framed walls. Doug Morehouse, chairman of the MWV HfH Construction Committee along with fellow committee members Bob Howe and Anthony Ruddy oversaw the entire operation along with regular Habitat volunteers who can be seen at a Habitat worksite each week.

Leslie Mallet, HfH former secretary and chairperson of the Family Support committee organized the day, coordinating efforts with Lowes as well as with Habitat International. She noted that this was the eighth consecutive year that the MWV Affiliate has been chosen to participate in this national event, and that “our Affiliate is one of only two in the entire state to have been chosen.” She was quick to praise the Habitat volunteers who worked closely with the women to ensure their efforts were productive as well as safety compliant.

Because of restrictive parking conditions at the building site, Leslie coordinated with Jamie Sabino, owner of the Community Market and Deli, to use the Deli’s parking lot from which to shuttle participants. She added that Jamie praised Habitat’s efforts and was most willing to help however he could. Bolstered by morning coffee and pastries as well as a substantial lunch provided by Altrusa International of Carroll County, the women had sawdust flying and hammers ringing until an entire wall was assembled and raised while two others neared completion before the day was out. Several women were heard saying that they couldn’t wait to do this again next year – that it was one of the most rewarding projects in which they had ever participated.

National Women Build Week is held the week leading up to Mother’s Day because of its significance to Habitat homeowners and volunteers.  Families with children make up a staggering number of those in need of adequate housing.  More than 12 million children-one in six- live in substandard housing in the United States alone.  This year we had five mother daughter teams building with us.  The daughters raised their hammers in honor of their mothers.  The mothers considered this time well spent together, building a safe affordable home for another local mother and her children, the best gift their daughter could have given them.


For pictures from past years, click here.


Women Build 2013

On Saturday, May 11, the day before Mother’s Day, more than 30 women from all walks of life, gathered in Conway to participate in the 6th Annual Women Build.  Each year, Lowe’s has generously signed on as Women Build underwriter by offering “how to clinics” and project support. The Mount Washington Valley Affiliate will receive a Lowe’s Gift Card worth $5,000 for its participation.

Though the skies were damp and gray, spirits and enthusiasm were high.  Kate, the new homeowner, was on site with her mom, Mary and her husband’s grandmother, Elva (who has built a few homes in the past!) The three beamed with pride as they spoke of what Kate called, “an amazing opportunity” for which she is very grateful.

As the day progressed the women worked on a variety of tasks from putting up siding and framing windows and walls to installing foam for insulation.   Snacks and lunch were generously provided by the Altrusa International, Inc. of Carroll County, Harold Rodgers, Spring Hill Water, Hannaford, Shaw’s, Walmart and Big Dave’s Deli.

At the end of the day, there was indeed a sense of accomplishment for a “job well done”.  Participants were given a carpenter’s pencil and the instructions to leave a note of blessing, prayer or well wishes on the interior walls.  These positive’ thoughts will soon surround Kate and her family as they begin living in their new Habitat home!

Women Build 2012

What is the most important thing to do on Mother’s Day weekend?  For most people, sending cards or flowers to Mom or spending the day remembering their mother is the traditional way to celebrate.  In the Mount Washington Valley, Mother’s Day weekend has come to mean Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build.  This is the 5th year that Lowe’s has sponsored participating Affiliates to put together a team of at least 75% women to qualify for a $5,000 store credit.  This is also the 5th year that the Mount Washington Valley Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity has been chosen to be Lowe’s Women’s Build site.

We were invited to Lowe’s for a clinic to familiarize the participants with hand and power tools to safely frame a house.  Lowe’s offers these clinics so that women can get comfortable with tools and can work safely at the build site.  This year, Bob Howe, the foreman on Women’s Build day, said that, “the women seemed more comfortable with the tools and were able to jump right in to start work”.  Much of this is due to Lowe’s clinics and the fact that many women are repeat builders for this event.

Once again this year the women from Carroll County Altrusa provided us with snacks and a delicious lunch.  These women baked goodies for our morning break and bought lunch for the entire crew.  Many of the women were inspired by what they saw at the site and have asked to join the building crew next year.

Several women sent out emails expressing how much they enjoyed the day.  Here is one that expresses the general attitude:

“Thank you for this very rewarding endeavor.  Today I am once again reminded that the GETTING IS IN THE GIVING!  Bravo to all you ladies…it was my pleasure working beside all of you today…and of course the gentlemen not receiving this email.  DV    PS.  See you next year.”